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History Through A Looking Glass


WE DO!!!

A traveling history museum that comes to you - and you get to touch the "stuff"!!! 


Wouldn't it be great to be able to view history through a looking glass? Not only to view it, but hear the history from the mouths of the people who made it happen. To be able to interact with characters from past times and get a first hand "scoop" on the events which helped to shape our modern world?


For groups young and old, large or small, schools, field days, boy scouts, girl scouts, parades, civic organizations, historical organizations and any other group interested in learning about our past. Scott Hodges, a 35-year veteran historian who has taken that experience and developed a series of historical programs designed to allow the audience the opportunity to begin to understand our past.


Combining School Performance Standards with different historical characters, these programs become not only educational but enjoyable and comprehensive by audiences of all ages.



For rates and availability, please contact Scott Hodges or Nicki Sackrison, Booking Agent.



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write to P. O. Box 5222, Aiken, SC  29804

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On Sale Now for $20 (plus s/h):
Our Lost Heritage:  Ten Things You Did Not Know About
James Edward Oglethorpe 
The Founder of Georgia 


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        Programs Available (per educational standards) :
Grade                Georgia                                  SC                                       

Second                 Indian Trader or Oglethorpe                         No programs available                              

Third                     Early Explorer                                               Early Explorer, Civil War     

                                                                                                   Rev War Soldier or Doctor

Fourth                   Lewis & Clark (new!), Civil War,                   Lewis & Clark (new!), Early Explorer, Civil War,    

                                       Rev War Soldier or Doctor                            Rev War Soldier or Doctor

Fifth                      No programs available                                  No programs available                                

Sixth                     No programs available                                  Early Explorer                                

Seventh                No programs available                                  Oglethorpe (*new), Rev War Soldier                                     

Eighth                   Oglethorpe, Early Explorer, Civil War           Rev War Soldier or Doctor, Civil War                                      

                             Rev War Soldier or Rev War Doctor

9th - 12th              Rev War Soldier or Doctor, Civil War            Rev War Soldier or Doctor