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History Through A Looking Glass



An email from a parent to the teacher:
good morning, Mrs. Fobes,
Just wanted to tell you that Adam really enjoyed the special speaker you had yesterday. He told me all about what he learned, and the items he saw. I love that your class takes him out of the "mundane" everyday stuff, and lets their imagination take over. Thought you might like to know.     Glenda Wall
And from the teacher to us:
Hey! I just wanted to thank you for coming last week and let you know my kids are STILL talking about it. I even had a parent email me a thank you for having a speaker because her son couldn’t stop talking about it when he came home. We look forward to having you again next year.      Merritt Fobes

We have used History Through a Looking Glass for two years, and we have
been pleased with the experience.  The kids are engaged, and they ask
such great questions.  There is nothing like holding an artifact in
your hand while a speaker in authentic costume tells his story.  This
truly is a great program for our students and we plan to use Mr. Hodges
every year.

Dr. Amy Duke, Principal
Springdale Elementary
4965 Northside Drive
Macon, GA  31210    Phone:  478-779-3750

There is no better way to make history come alive for students than to have this Living Historian bring all of his artifacts to school to share them with students.  I can't believe he allows the students to handle these artifacts.  Every presentation is aligned to the Georgia Performance Standards.  For a teacher, a guest speaker doesn't get much better than that!

Michelle Gowen, Sonny Carter School, Macon, GA

"To understand Fort Frederica, you need to understand James
Oglethorpe. Scott Hodges brings Oglethorpe to life for our visitors
at the park. His depth of knowledge and incredible ability to
communicate the story of Oglethorpe's life and times are an
invaluable addition to the park's programming. He helps our visitors connect with Frederica's stories.

Jon Burpee
Park Ranger, Fort Frederica National Monument
St Simons Island, GA

Danielsville Elementary School 2nd Grade has thoroughly enjoyed Scott Hodges’ Indian Trader Program for the past 2 years. His artifacts and knowledge of the time period have enriched our study of Georgia History. The students have actually held pieces of the past in their hands!! We would highly recommend the Indian Trader Program.DES 2nd Grade Students and Teachers


 Scott Hodges entertained Crosswell Elementary School’s 3rd & 4th graders with a hands-on learning experience on April 20th.   Dressed in Revolutionary War attire, Mr. Hodges showed the 3rd graders many different artifacts from that time period including a brick of tea from the Boston Tea Party, a deck of cards with an actual stamp representing the Stamp Act, and the newspaper created by Paul Revere the morning after the Boston Massacre.  He also presented information about the Civil War in full Confederate soldier attire to our 4th graders. He brought military & everyday items that would have been used during the war. Students explored the causes & effects of the Civil War from both the Union & Confederate points of view.  The kids had a wonderful time & were amazed at all the artifacts they were able to see & touch. Thank you for presenting a hands-on learning experience that was so closely knitted with our academic standards.

Scott Hodges' portrayal of General Oglethorpe is a return, to the
early 18th century, when Georgia was a bastion of empire for Great Britain. The language, dress and ideas give us a true sense of why Georgia was founded and the difficulties faced by its founding father.  Scott's 'Oglethorpe' is flesh and blood, approachable and  understandable. He conveys great ideas with clear language.

Joe Kitchens, Reinhardt College, Georgia

"Scott is more than a history teacher, he is a teacher who is living history.   As he explained, he has more clothing in his closet from the 18th century than the 21st! His ability to speak as a first person participant from key periods of American history, is engaging and convincing to viewers." 

Rev. Dr. W. Davies Owens, Head of School
Heritage Preparatory School
1700 Piedmont Ave., NW
Atlanta, Georgia  30324
(404) 815-7711

"The James Oglethorpe Program was very engaging! My students especially enjoyed the artifacts that were passes around. You really got their attention with the sparks from the flint rifle. Look at some of the pictures they drew you. They are really quite amusing. Thank you again for a wonderful performance!!"

Joan Hess, Warren T. Jackson Elementary School

#1 "Excellent in every way.....I could've listened for hours......."

#2 "Scott Hodges is one of a kind.....really brings History to of the very best".

#3 "Scott Hodges is outstanding as General Oglethorpe.......educational and entertaining".

From several Savannah Elder Hostel participants (2011)