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History Through A Looking Glass

NC Revolutionary War Program

Army life during the American Revolution was hardship and suffering. Hear about this historic time from letters and diaries of the soldier's who lived it. With a visit from a soldier in Washington's Army, you will get a feel for what it was like during the birth of our nation.

Accompanying this program is a large collection of artifacts and everyday reproduction items which will allow the audience the opportunity to hold history in their hands. This award winning program is a lesson in history you will not soon forget.

Eighth Grade
Competency Goal 2:  The learner will trace the causes and effects of the Revolutionary War, and assess the impact of major events, proglems, and personalities during the Constitutional Period in North Carolina and the new nation.


2.01 Trace the events leading up to the Revolutionary War and evaluate their relative significance in the onset of hostilities.

2.02 Describe the contributions of key North Carolina and national personalities from the Revolutionary War era and assess their influence on the outcome of the war.

2.03 Examine the role of North Carolina in the Revolutionary War.

2.04 Examine the reasons for the colonists' victory over the British, and evaluate the impact of military successes and failures, the role of foreign interventions, and on-going political and economic domestic issues.

2.05 Describe the impact of documents such as the Mecklenburg Resolves, the Halifax Resolves, the Albany Plan of Union, the Declaration of Independence, the State Constitution of 1776, the Articles of Confederation, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights on the formation of the state and national governments.


Advanced Placement (AP®) Social Studies Courses - United States History

COMPETENCY GOAL 1: Colonial America (1492-1754) The learner will identify causes of European exploration and colonial settlement and assess the structure of the European colonies.


1.03 Analyze the social, economic, and political effects of the British Empire on the American colonies with regard to the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.

COMPETENCY GOAL 2: The Revolutionary Era (1754-1783) The learner will examine the causes for revolution, the course of the war, and evaluate the results.


2.01 Examine the status of European rivalries in the New World and the causes for revolution among the American colonies.

2.02 Trace the events leading up to the revolution and through the course of the war and assess the impact that each had on the outcome.

2.03 Evaluate the social, political, and economic results of the Revolution.

2.04 Assess how the new national and state governments were formed and their effects on American society.