(Georgia Standards only)

The true history of America's colonial pirates comes to life with tales of the Spanish Main. Told by a pardoned pirate named "Orange Povey", these tales of adventure give a window on the world of those who lived outside the law.
This program is accompanied by a display of period weaponry, tools, and everyday items used by seafaring men during colonial times.


Grade Six
SS6H2 The student will explain the development of Latin America and the Caribbean and Canada as colonies of European nations and on through their independence.

(a) Describe the importance of African slavery on the development of the Americas. (b) Explain the importance of the Spanish mission system in developing Latin America.

SS6G1 The student will be able to describe and locate the important physical and human characteristics of Latin America and the Caribbean and Canada.

(a) Describe and locate major physical features; include the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Alaska, Hudson Bay, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes, Panama Canal, Amazon River, Andes Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Sierra madre Mountains, St. Lawrence River, patagonia, Atacama Desert, and Rio de la Plata. (b) Describe and locate Canada and the nations of Latin America; include Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, panama, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Haiti, and Jamaica.

SS6H4 The student will describe the important developments in Europe between 1400 CE and 1800 CE.

(d) Explain the importance of exploration in the development of Europe; include the work of Prince Henry the Navigator, Columbus, and Hudson. (e) Trace the empires of Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, England, and France in Africa, the Americas, and Asia